August 18, 2020
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This playful rally for youngtimers immerses the participants in the world of the 70’s and presents them amusing missions during the drive. Supported by BMW Group Classic and Classic Data, Creme21 is very popular in Germany and every year sold out well in advance. As it provides the participants with a unique experience – every year in a different part of Germany – this popularity is not surprising.

Are you curious in how this out-of-the-box rally looks like? Have a look on their website (only in German).  

Our Story

Ginion Classics has its roots within Ginion Group, the privately owned Belgian automotive company importing luxury and sports car brands and active in sales and after sales activities for various premium car and motorcycle brands. The company also has a department dedicated to leisure vehicles and is preparing for the future filled with autonomous vehicles and extensive car sharing.                   

Stéphane Sertang has been holding for over 20 years the steering wheel of the company and his vision is driving all departments full of passion towards a bright future