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BMW 1800 TI/SA

1800 TI/SA
First registration
April 27, 1965
Guyana (first order book)/Bristol (second order book)
Mileage (km)
History &specifications

New delivered to New York City on 26/05/1965

Only 200 units produced

Extensive nut-to-bolt restauration by BMW Group Classic 04/2018 - Q3 2020

The BMW 1500, 1800’s sibling, was presented for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1961. The 1500 was a sharply attired four-door saloon with an advanced, box-fresh four-cylinder engine promising a hearty 80 hp and a top speed nudging 150 km/h in a time when Germany’s 6,8 million passenger cars were mainly small models producing barely 20 to 30 hp and saloons offering 45 – 60 hp. Journalists and public were immediately thrilled by this “new class”.

BMW went even a step further when it launched the long-awaited quick and spacious saloon for all the family in autumn 1963, the BMW 1800 was born. The 90 hp, 162 km/h 1800 was joined by a visually quasi-identical twin; only a single detail separated them to the eye – the “TI” on the boot lid (). Those letters – referring to “Turismo Internationale” – were to make history. Two letters on the rear added a healthy extra dose of spice to the mix. In TI guise it turned into quite the sports car – one with a neat side-line in winning races and rallies. The Neue Klasse range of models filled a gap in the market and allowed BMW to draw a line under some troubled times.

The BMW 1800 TI was making its mark in the rally world, was frequently dominating touring car events on track and it even won the German championship in 1964. The SA (“Sport Ausführung” – or “sports version”) provided the driver a full 130 hp and a 0 – 100 km/h in just nine seconds. This special edition, with a limited of only 200 units, also offered sporting extras as a more direct steering ratio, special seats and a bespoke steering wheel. Only holders of a racing license could purchase the car, which was now a highly prized rarity.

This car is not for sale.

Technical specifications

Four-cylinder inline engine
1.799 cc
Bore x stroke
84 x 84 mm
Power output
130 hp at 6.100 rpm
Five-speed manual
4.492 x 1.780 x 1.369 mm
Unladen weight
1.460 kg
Max. speed
192 km/h

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